Pysanky Promise

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter egg Children's

Pysanky Promise is a children’s picture book that is part fiction, part non-fiction. It tells the story of a young girl who discovers that her grandmother has learned she can’t make pysanky like she used to. In order to heal her grandmother’s heart, Alena decides to learn the art herself. The book details the how-to, some history, symbolism, and tradition behind the art of pysanky. My desire was to share information about the art of Ukrainian Easter eggs in the form of a story that would appeal to children.



Here's what Karen Larson, a high school English teacher had to say about the book:


"Pysanky Promise is the best kind of children's book in that it offers something for both older and younger readers, as well as adults. The beautifully detailed illustrations and sweet story are sure to please readers through multiple readings."


Pysanky Promise is slated to be published this December, 2018. It will be available on Amazon in softcover, hardback, and Kindle format. 

The Haunted Barn

HB Cover color copy.jpg


Stay away from the haunted barn,                             

The home of monster farm creatures.                                                   

They came as normal critters,                                    

But a visit changed their features.   



Have you ever been to a haunted barn? This one has a strange collection of farm monsters. What used to be a regular cow, duck, sheep, pig, etc., have transformed into something altogether different. Just ask the snakes on the head of Medusa goose. 


The Haunted Barn is a work in progress. 



   The Twelve Days

of Cowboy Christmas

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Slim was the only cowboy who made Abigail's heart stampede. You'll see why when Abigail tells of the gifts Slim brings her for Christmas. It's a Texas spin on a traditional tale, with illustrations to make kids giggle.

The Twelve Days of Cowboy Christmas is a work in progress.