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My pysanky (Easter egg) coloring book


         is now available for pre-order on Amazon

 A table that explains the meaning behind the colors and symbols          used to make pysanky is included at the front of the book.

   You can use the table to color a page with a specific person in        mind, using colors and symbols that mean something to them.

Pysanky Promise

A story about family traditions and the art of Ukrainian Easter eggs.

When Alena learns her grandmother's hands have grown too shaky to make pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs), she learns the art herself, hoping to heal her grandmother's heart. The book explains the method for making pysanky, as well as a bit about the history, symbolism and tradition behind the craft.


Cover is 

in process

    The Twelve Days
of Cowboy Christmas


 I loved this book. It has something for all ages.  The pictures are bright and wonderful for small children. The pre-teen ages will love the history and stories about monsters. Teenagers will enjoy the symbolism of the colors and images.  Adults will understand the easy instructions of making Pysanky. Because making Pysanky can bring a family together with gifts to each other or friends it is the perfect book for the Easter season or any time of the year.  

                     Judi Rowe

            Middle School Teacher



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