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      Sam & Sadie
     Christmas Paper Dolls

1. Print page & color if needed.

2. Cut out outfits and small items.

   Fold the tabs on clothes. Don't

   fold the tabs on the small items.

3. Before cutting out dolls, paste

    them onto cardstock to make

    them sturdier. 

4. Cut small slits at dotted lines on

    the tray Sam is holdingand

    above Sadie's cradled arms.

5. Now you can dress Sam and Sadie.

   Put the gingerbread house and

    hot chocolate or the plate of cookies

    on Sam's tray. Put the kitten or the

    snow globe in Sadie's arms.

6. Have fun playing with your

   Christmas paper dolls. 



Ready to Color

sam & sadie Christmas copy.jpg


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