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1. Download the page you want.

2. If you are going to leave the white background, print the image on

    cardstock. You can use regular paper if you are planning to cut

    out a colored image and paste it on colored cardstock.

3. To get the figures to fold out, cut the solid vertical lines on each                         side. An exacto knife works better than scissors for this step. 


4. If you are mounting the image on cardstock, cut out the entire image.

5. To prepare the colored cardstock as a background, Use the pattern to help         you decide where the single fold will go. Use a ruler to draw a straight line.     Then fold the paper at that line, leaving the pencil mark on the back of the



5.  Next, carefully fold the images on your downloaded design at the

     dotted lines. I found it was easier to get nice folds if I popped out

     the images forward first. I pressed a crease along the the dotted lines at the

     top, bottom and middle of each figure.

6.  To complete the scene, crease the line backward at the bottom of

     the stable.

7.  At this point you should have a fold out nativity that either stands

     on its own, or if using paper, you can glue it on to cardstock. Glue 

     it in the folded out position with the cardstock underneath at a 90

     degree angle.


Untitled_Artwork 10.jpg
Folding Nativiy to color.jpg
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